Website Design

We offer our customers all the website design and support services they need. We can update and re-design their existing sites. Or we can create a new site implementing the world newest technologies. In both cases we stick to the highest standards and best practices. All software has life-guarantee for misperformance, bugs and omissions that are due to our errors.

Tariffs may be as low as few hundred euro for template-based standard websites and up to several thousand euro for complex websites with original design and different extras such as SEO optimization, use of database and high performance software. Some really sophisticated websites may cost as much as ten thousand euro and more. Simple websites may be produced for about a week whereas average sites are usually made for one or two of months. However, really complicated cases need half an year or even more.

Our main goal is to make our customers happy. And much beyond: to keep them happy. Because launching the website is just the beginning. The rest is support.

Website Support

To keep a website running 24/7, to update and to backup it regularly or whenever necessary is a responsible task we perform successfully for years.The tariff for monitoring, google tools and monthly backup of a website is about fifty to hundred euro. If the content will be updated and changed on demand or on regular basis the customer will be charged about fifty euro per hour. Changes in the website engine will increase the previous tariff with 50 per cent. Extra charge of another 50 per cent is collected for any job that is done during non-working hours and holidays.

We know that a website is our customer’s face before the world. We want that face to be attractive and winning. We want our customer to be proud of it. And we know how to do it.

We also know that usually budgets are limited but customers are eager to see their website appear in Google as soon as possible. We are ready to help.

But why us?

This is a legitimate question. There are plenty of good small software companies at hand… But we belong to a minority within them: we are reliable, punctual, friendly. We are very flexible and we provide individual approach to every single customer so as to meet his individual nature and specific requirements.

And more. We are not fond of using ready-made solutions or templates though we are implementing them in case a customer is looking for the cheapest solution. Usually we make enough efforts to understand the customer’s problem before we find out the best solution for him. Often we get acquainted with his professional language in order to understand his needs better.

We are doing our best to give our customers an opportunity to implement most of their ideas. We are readily supplying them with a variety of options and we are patiently yet sincerely and precisely answering their numerous questions.

About websites we have developed

The websites we have developed and we are supporting use Apache (Linux) platforms. They are hosted on dedicated or on shared (virtual) servers and are monitored 24/7. Their databases and file packages are backed up on regular intervals. The server-side scripts are based on PHP(5.3+) and MySQL(5.1+). The client-side uses Javascript (incl. jQuery, Ajax etc.) at large. We have fully adopted HTML5 and UTF-8 in our web pages. Some of our sites are bilingual and, since 2012, all of them are responsive. We have expertize in SEO, so our code is optimized to suit the rigid requirements of searching engines (such as Google) thus promoting the websites to best ranking.

Websites that we have designed/developed or we are supporting/monitoring:

IOMT The Physiologus
Corpus BDR HR Pro
Quales Quales® DMS
Dimana Dent Protransport
Obsequentia Про Брокер
Junior Entrepreneurship Bauf & Partner
Healing Saints Website Developer