VSSoft: The Versatile Solutions Software
Custom Design Software

We offer you custom design software that will satisfy your specific needs in various fields of scientific research and investigation.

It is a well known fact that really good programs for application in a given field are created only by people that have enough experience in solving problems in the same field. Our essential advantage over other software developers is our impressive research background that allows us to understand in-depth the essence of the investigated or modelled processes.

We have substantial expertise in a variety of research methods such as digital signal capture, image acquisition, analysis and processing, modelling of complex (including random) processes. We have also experience with online remote/web-based solutions for control, data acquisition and database management.

Laser beams propagating through complex optical setup

We develop our dedicated programs as standalone/desktop or as server/client applications. We always aim at highest performance but in the same time we are concerned with customer security. Our software is always created to comply with known best practices.

We will study carefully your problem and we will come up with an offer for development of dedicated software solution taylored to your needs. We will discuss it with you until both you and we are satisfied with all details in the project. We shall present to you a licence agreement or a sell-and-buy contract to make your choice between.

After we finish most of our work we shall deploy the software to test it under real conditions. We shall consider all your notes and most of your last-minute requirements. Finally, after we fine-tune the software and the tests run without problems we shall consider our work is concluded.

Snapshots of Image Processing Programs

All our custom design software is proprietary. Here are the snapshots of some programs for research purposes at work.

Programs for image analysis and processing