Two simple tools that are helpful in everyday activity are shown below.

Use to:
→ convert hexadecimal ⇔ decimal numbers
→ convert charactersUTF-8 codes
→ find keycodes of keyboard buttons

• Enter multiple codes or characters in their input fields (add spaces between numbers in codes fields)
• The maximum value of a code field is ffff (hex) or 65535 (dec)
• While typing in the Chars field, the Key field shows the keycode of the last keyboard button pressed

Convert UTF-8 codes to characters and vice versa:

Codes: Hex: &#x; Dec: &#; Chars:  Key:

UTF-8 Table
Use to:
→ Find UTF-8 codes (hexadecimal or decimal) and symbols (characters) they represent.
→ Find symbols (characters) and  UTF-8 codes (hexadecimal or decimal) in predefined ranges.
→ View symbols (characters) as displayed with predefined fonts.

• The table shows 128 consecutive codes starting from a value set into the From field (press ).
• View next (or previous) 128 codes and symbols using navigation buttons < and >.
• Load predefined UTF-8 ranges using the drop-down Range.
• View symbols as displayed with predefined fonts (available on your device) using the drop-down Font.

All UTF-8 codes and characters:

Use Hex: Display from code: Range:  Font: