Custom software

Service offered to all clients.
You get a standalone application for your specific needs. It runs in Linux or MS Windows environment and is written in C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, Node.js etc.
Optionally, it comprises database storage using MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc.

Website construction

Service offered to small businesses, NGO’s, private persons, etc., who wish to show their activities and to communicate with their audience.
You get a website constructed exactly to meet your requirements: platform, type, structure, design, software, content, photos, diagrams.

Website support

Service offered to all website owners.
Websites are living beings and they need care.
Your website is thoroughly checked, updated, backed-up, restored, corrected, repaired regularly or on a case-by-case basis.
Long-term express service is available with discount.

Website evolution

Service offered to all website owners.
Your website is enriched with new content, functionality or its code is refactored.
Or it acquires new structure,  improved appearance (face-lift) or it needs to switch to new platform or to be moved to new host.

Complex on-line solutions

Service offered to special clients.
You get a sophisticated web-based application where reliability and security are a must.
Typically, the application relies on custom GUI’s, makes use of databases, has limited access only to registered users with different privileges.

E-commerce solutions

Service offered to future e-shop owners.
You get an e-commerce website based on one of the numerous and widely-used platforms, such as Download Manager, Woocommerce, Shopify etc.
Optionally, you get assistance for run-up and stock maintenance.