Caution: File upload is always a major security issue !

Note: The following applies for a standard Apache-PHP-HTML-CSS-JS website, but much of it is valid in other cases too.

Upload IssuesStandard GUIAdvanced GUIBack-endServer settings

If you plan to let users upload files to your site you must consider several issues:

  • Security – ensure that no malicious code is uploaded and no unauthorized access to these files is allowed; 
  • Reliability – ensure that files are uploaded intact and into the right folder;
  • User experience – ensure that your GUI is informative, friendly and easy.

To solve these issues you must take care about:

  • Front-end GUI;
  • Back-end code;
  • Server settings.

The Standard file-upload GUI uses HTML form in the front-end page.

Standard Front-end Page
Standard GUI Demo

The advanced file-upload GUI uses Ajax in the front-end page.

Advanced Front-end Page
Advanced GUI Demo
Back-end Script
Back-end Do's and Don'ts
Problem and Solution